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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 27, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EST

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have vowed, in fact, to rebuild. that's all the time we have tonight. as always, thank you for watching the special edition of hannity, and i hope you have a great night. >> tonight tea parties and town hauls. in the summer and fall of 2009, as washington began hits battled over healthcare and exploding size of government, something happened all across america. ordinary americans gathered in tea parties saying listen to us. [cheers and applause] >> i'm here because i'm glad to see these people come out on their own, without politicians or celebrities, getting them to tell the government to back down.
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[ chanting ] "you work for us. you work for us." >> let's focus on that. we don't need the government to run healthcare. the government can't even run itself. >> other americans took their concerns and sometimes even their anger to town halls, politicians looked voters in the eye and listened to what they had to say. >> you work for us. you are a representative of us. we don't care what you are saying. >> i don't understand your mentality, what do you think you accomplish by yelling? what do you accomplish by yelling? >> healthcare is three times your average wages and will double, triple and even quadruple your premiums. >> americans spoke out, and we were listening. in the next hour you will go to tea parties and see the passionate town halls, you will
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see average citizens involved in the confrontationings and the controversies. and plus you get a behind the scenes look at a 16 day cross-country tour of the tea party express. it went from california to washington and on september 12th massive crowds marred on the u.s. can't t no one person talked about the passion of the protesters more than fox's own glenn beck. >> glen, the tea parties, certainly a big day here intt washington on saturday. what do you think about it? >> i think it doesn't matter if any newspaper published how manh people were there. where was it, the university of illinois i think did a spatial count and looked at the photos and said i think it was 1.7 million peoplea there. it doesn't matter if they sayth there were three. the people that are wondering the halls of congress and white house know exactly how manyonon people were >> what about the deem graphics of the people there? what about the demographics, the
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age, the background? what do you think about the type of people, the deem graphics of the people attending tea parties or protests? >> you know, i don't know. i really haven't -- i guess i ao should look up-closer to the peoplism see right there in the front, looks o like young peopls old people. i did hear how did bill mauer describe them, geriatrics. i think they are americans. what difference what their age is? you say typically, and there's no such thing at typically, protesters go at hippie, anti-war. >> i see what you are saying.hoo >> but this is a different of demographics? >> these people have never gotten off their church and protested before. they are generally speaking wildly uncomfortable doing thise however, i spoke to several of them earlier today on my radiokr program, and they were allthem saying the same thing. i have never felt anything like
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it. i mean, it is something that people are feeling deep in their heart and connecting with other that feel like them. i think, a, it is a huge relief -- release of steam and tension tension. it's better to have these people connect like this than to have them bottle it up and feel all alone. but these people, they have this >> what do they want? >> i think they want their voice to be heard. think the white house couldn't handle it any worse than they already have. the first time they marred onhan april 15th the white house partyers, the president isn't on. how do you dismiss what some are saying is one of the largestgoin collections of marchers ever in washington? how do you dismiss that? and they are dismissing it along with the media, they are
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dismissing these people as partisans. they aren't. they want an end to corruption, they want people inth washington to start listening to them.he they want washington to slowk down, read the bills and explait it. are saying your bill, you are making jobs with your stimulus package, well, we haven't seen that by any stretch of the imagination. and any job that you are building right y now when you ae building, you know, polar bear exhibits atma museums, that's nt a lasting job. that's not one that wills transform america. >> in many ways you are sort of the cable news poster child for these tea parties. fair enough? fair description? >> i guess it's fair to be ablec to say that on the fact that six months ago i said that we need i to reconnect with their values and our principles, and i laiddd out the 9/12 project, the nineut values and twelve principles, and that's part what have this has come out of.
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yes, i think that's fair. >> it's interesting how in april people wondered whether this wa. a grass roots movement that would have some sort of life or whether it was a fluke. and now we w see more people gathered in washington. is this something, is there going to be more of this? >> i think this is -- >> or is this the end testify? >> i have to tell you, i wasn't down in washington but i heardit from people in washington, and they all said the same thing. we are coming back. we are going to do more. they are even more energized now. anybody who thinks this is going to turn into a political party should be very, very cautious because these people have not latched on to either politicalep party. they are much more independent. they have been burned. the conservatives have beeny.y. burned badly by the republicans, and anybody who thinks they are going to come in and say, yeah,b i'm just like you, and, boy, and then they are going to go in and do the same type of politics? these people will back them into a corner so fast their head will
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spin. want to be heard. they want the members of congress to read the bills. therene are other specific demas that they really want from ourae government? besides they want to be her, bun what specifically.w do >> greta, everybody knows we can't continue this rate of spending. it doesn't make any expense. it gets to the point of criminal. our children --e if i hear this from one, i've heard it from ont thousand people that attend these, and that is we've got tor stop the spending. i'll pay theit price. care what it takes. i'll live the hard life if myllp grandchildren will still have at america they can call home and recognize. stop the spending and putting it on to the backs of our children and grandchildren.mymy it makes so sense whatsoever. it's irresponsible and it's criminal. its criminal. some currentrere politician who you think most identifies or is listening to the tea party protest or i i movement? >> no. i mean, i think there arehehe
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several that have been true to their own values for a while. ip: think david demint is one oo those guys >> i think sarah palin, but palin is, i think, attractive ta some of the tea party-goers because the true tea som party-goers, at least the way i see it, the true 9/12 people are the ones that say forget youree party. take the beam out of your own eye before you look at the splinter in the other. and that's what needs to happent that's what sarah palin did thao ire think so many of the tea party-goers find attractive. she took apart the republican s partyo before she even thought p about the democrats. she took them down and cleaned up the corruption. >> up next for 16 days a tea party express rumbled across the usa before landing in washington, d.c. for the whole trip we regarded
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behind the scenes with the express. you get the inside story next. and later, the video sent shock waves through the country during the summer. congresswoman sheila jackson lee at a town hall on her cellphone as she's asked a question. the woman who asked the question and congressman lee both on the record minutes from now.
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>> sixteen days coast-to-coast, the tea party express rumbled down the highway through the country. and september 12th, the final stop, washington d.c. for the massive tea party. phong reported behind the scenes. >> you chased this bus all across-country. >> i did. you know, greta, it'scr fascinating. so much has been made about whas happened this weekend, which is
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the culmination of 309-plus days and 16 states. there were three reporters onboard, myself followed them and two reporters were actually on the bus the whole time. one from c.and nn and one from the new york times . but before i talk about thet lessens learned, saturday was the big event. it was, of course, promoted most by glenn beck. he just talked to you. but here is what the culmination of the event. this is how it went down on i saturday. iwhwh take a look. do >> thank you, thank you! >> they are sneaking up on us a little bit at a time. a little bit with the healthcare, you know, a littlean bit with taking over the banks, insurance companies, auto companies and so on. a little here and a little there, we will lose all our freedoms. >>ú:mp i'm a democrat. obama delegate. i'm no longer a obama supporter because he's not doing the will of the people.m no he's trying to make us modern
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day slaves, in my opinion, and i don't want to do that. we are going to have victory in the end and weav are going to te back our country. >> this is amazing. this is america. this is what america is. the message these people brought here is phenomenal and i want ta be a part of it. i want to tell congress what they need to do, help bring this country back to the republic that our forefathers gave us and stop this nonsense they started. >> i'm an ordinary american that has decided enough is enough, and that we need to fight for>> our we are the ones that put our elected officials into office, and we are the ones that can take them out. ♪offi [cheers and applause] >> so is it a culmination or just the beginning, greta? that's what the majority of people there said. this is the beginning of
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something big. you know, i think it was a great honor to do this for fox and cover it. it seems to be a politicals movement, but a lot is being said about what drives it and who is turning out.but and i think you had a little bit of everybody.riv >> i'm curious about a few things. number one,ni in my prior life s a lawyer i used to represent protesters, which was always interesting here in washington. i loved it when people ared d exercising their freedom of speech. any protesters that messed with the law at all? >> there was a lot made at the numbers that turned out. and the park police, the authorities don't give estimatei of crowds butcher did talk to police and they said here's a number i will give youe zero arrests on saturday. now we saw protesters in support of the president and supported the healthcare initiative, and ittu was a big part of this. and -- >> let me just say about the arrests. police in washington are so experienced and they are pretty flexible about protest,. if you are going to protest anyplace, washington is not the
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bad place because you have the a most experienced police officers and they have seen a lot of this. >> that's and i'm the first to tip my hat to those. guys and i covered a e lot of the anti-war protests for fox. but for an angry mob, there were no angry folks getting arrested. >> to find out where people are from. can you be give me w a list ofgt towns? how far did they come for this? >> people came from across the country. one guy came from australia.try. >> that is beyond from across the country. what was he could go? >> he was a recent mover to indiana and he got caught up in the thing. but the most interesting thing,s where does it go, we foundú:e independents. independents who said i votedt for president obama or i have always been independent and now i'm upset. if that continues, if that really is a big part of this, then the white house is going to have to pay attention, as willbi congress, despite david axelrod saying it's not in decktive of the move. >> up next, the tea party
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express finished its first tour in washington, another tea party was happening thousands of many away. plus, town hall outrage, california, texas, pennsylvania. you go to all three next. and voters who went head-to-head with members of congo on the record.
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>> on septemberth the tea party express finished its first tour, stopping in washington, d.c. where a massive crowd marred on the nation's capital. meanwhile another tea party was happening the same day halfway across the country in quincy, illinois. >> you know what it's done for it, liberalism has put a hard chip on your family and it's
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threatening your way of life. that's what liberalism, that's what this administering, that's what democrattics have done for you. >> the woman you heard speaking is dana from the nationwide tea party coalition. dana went on the record. >> any sort of ballpark figure how many people showed up at that tea party? >> hi, greta, thanks for having me back. really we think that theouou estimate was probably aboutk.k. 3,000, but overall, since it wae an all-day event, it was more like aab festival, we think that probably about 12,000 people packed through the park in quincy. it was a huge turnout. >> why that park and why quincyg >> well, quincy, illinois, it's really historic, first of because we were actually speaking right where lincoln debated douglas. and quincy is right in thetoto middle of the heartland. and i know the organizers thought this, too, and bill hennessy and i, the tea party coalition, felt it was important to have mid-american kind of
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represented. there were two facets of 9/11ora and we had the fantastic march in washington, d.c. and we had the midwest sort of represented quincy. quincy o is a really great townn and there's a huge ground swell there. in fact the quincy 9/11 patriots on the prayer i was sponsored bt which was a media site that sprang up in defy answer of the mainstream media there. that's how grass roots they are infian quincy. it was a really good citya. andt any sort of sense how the state coverage is? i mean, wasor the state newspaps picked it up, the state television? how widespread some. >> we had a little bit of wi coverage from some papers in the area. i know there was one other publication in quincy that gave a little bit of coverage on it. st. louis didn't cover anything about it. i don't think a lot of, i don'o think really any outlets in chicago did much about it too,.
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i think most of the t coveraged from quincy came from blogs, they came from social networking and thing like that. people actually going and taking photos and updating themselves. a lot of word got out that way. >> where does it go from here or does it go from here? >> absolutely. you had one of your guestst saying this is kind of a newher political movement, which it is. and it is really good.>> we have so many people who have been reawakened. and i think now is a really good time to sort of force some legislative change. we've already seen what the power of this movement can do. f we've seen van jones, he's gonel acorn, they are being defunded.t and we've seen the healthcare legitimatelation being proposed stalled in favor of having some debate ton and get to go the so i think that's kind of the nextin step. we are seeing people who have been going to these tea party protests who are i now deciding that they think they are going to run for office themselves too. here in missouri there's he edov
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martin jr.mar and now other people are in fired to run. we t are seeing a lot come out f the movement and that's wherere it'sre heading. legislation and getting some real actual grass roots common sense candidates out testify. >> up next, it might be the biggest controversy from any town hall. congresswoman sheila jackson lee on her cellphone while a cancer survivor asked her a question. woman who asked the question and the congresswoman both on the record coming up. ooo
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a peaceful revolution, that's how john mccain describes what he saw at the town halls. they faced voters at a joint town hall in south carolina. >> we want to fix healthcare. it's the cost, not the quality, and we want to sit down at anytime, anywhere with the president and-or the democrats and get this situation fixed. >> i'm looking for balance. i'm look for a way to help people who really need help and make sure that your generation can't pay the bills. >> where does the federal government get the power to take over healthcare? it's not in the constitution, even considering the welfare costs in the constitution, it's
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not there. >> i believe there's a conflict of interest when the number one objective for a for-profit healthcare system is profit as opposed to the care of the individual. >> do you support the tea party movement? >> sure. >> i want to ask you what you can do to make sure that the constitution is actually being upheld and defended. >> every six years i run for re-election. every six years he runs for re-election and if you don't like what we are doing you can vote. >> voters took on congress men coast-to-coast. this is katheryn brag. she gave a congresswoman an ear full at a town hall. >> as a small business owner i could use competition. there are 1300 insurance companies in the united states and i can only use six in
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california. if you open it up to competition like i experience in my business, competition makes me better. >> katheryn brag went on the record. >> katheryn, boy, you were all heated up. what got you all revved up thatp day? >> as i said before, thank you for having he on. it's been a long time coming.e, and it was very very for me to say to my restive i have had enough. when i starteday to speak the crowd was really excited and they liked the direction that md little talk was going and they helped to fuel that. they gave me the impetus to keee going.p go >> did you get anything from your congresswoman that day ord even since that made you feeld like,in okay, i think wethat connected?ven >> no. no, quite the opposite, greta. i really felt that it was a lot of rhetoric, as everybody has said. we have elected representatives
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in place that seem to think that they can just come out and give us lip service and we will all go back to work and we will allh quieint down. but i don't think that's the case anymore. the sleeping giant has beenmore awoken. >> you are a business person. what is the most important thing to you in this whole thing? what i shalla really strikes yoh the most? >> i think what strikes me the most is that i already feel the hand of tyranny as a business owner. i have so many requirements that i have to meet to stay in business and they comeui from al angles of government. whatin i see this administration doing is they are continuing to lay that on to us, and they arem continuing toen build it into te future both near and long for not only myself but for other generations. and so unfortunately it doesn'ty give me incentive to get up and keep going everyday, where i have had that all my life.e and i feel like i'm not alone. i have had so many people fromwr all over the united states contact me and say thank you fol
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what you did, thank you for tha speaking my mind at the same time as you spoke yours. and that's people who are in the medical profession, they wereútn either firefighters, policeman, they were everyday people or small business people that feel like their whole dream, their,, whole belief in the system is crumbling before their eyes and they have no control over it anymore. >> katie went head-to-head with senator arlen specter on september 11th. >> i don't believe it's about healthcare or left or right, this is about the systematic dismantling of our country. i have only 36 years old and i have never been interested in politics. you have awakened a sleeping giant. we are tired of this. >> katie went on the record. what has been the reaction inin, the community? was it favorable or unfavorable. >> completely favorable. i would say there's probably one or two percent of the mail and
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e-mail phone calls i have received that are opposite. >> in terms of the e-mails or mail you receive,e theived unfavorable, how pointed is it? is it just we don't like what you did or is it much moreútút aggressive in terms of critical of you? >> i would say it's very much along the lines of rules for radicals where they try toit disarm you and call you names. i've been called on idiot,s dumb,, a poster child for the uneducated. you know what? i have read the constitution, i have read about our founders. an the power does not lie with the federal government. it lies with theú0 states and ti local governments. it's ridiculous what people are saying about how those of us whe are standing up finally, i mean, the giant is awake and now he's really ticked off because of all the baseballs of that beenwhút throne at us left and right. i'm tired of it, you can see from all the people that showedt up in d.c. this weekend, i didn't get to go, but i was s
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there in spirit. i'm so proud of everybody that came out and voiced their concern. >> how about senator specter. he has served your state for a long time. he's worked hard for all of you, are you dissatisfied with him?úr >> yeah. i'm very dissatisfied with him. and just that town hall meeting. he was so disingenuous, it was ridiculous. when i asked my question about w him going back to washington and upholding the constitution, his answer was, oh, i have been doing y that. lyrics if you were upholding the constitution, you would only be defending our country and doing that on an international scale.t you wouldn't be dipping into th pockets of the american peopleee and ramming she's different programs down our you won be changing parties left and right. this is the second time this man has changed parties. do you know how many people are ticked off about that? one of the most infamous situation happened in texas. congress southeast sheila jackson lee was on her cellphone
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while she was asked a question. >> if you think it's good for america --. >> seriously. i mean, come on. >> tracy miller asked congresswoman sheila jackson lee that question. tracy told us about the incident.ú0 >> tracy, that video looksú0ú0 positively horrible from ourú0ú0 end.ú0 was there any innocentú0er explanation by the congresswoman for what happened? did she talk to you later about0 it?ú0ú0 >> i did talk to her later, butn not about her using the phone. what appeared to be happening was her staff or handlers there0 on the scene were telling herg 0 people that she need today give shout outs to that were comingú0 into the town hall like local political leaders and such.ú0ú0 >> so who was she talking to?ú0 let mene stop. did she pick up the phone in thw
1:33 am
middle of your question, and yes, do you know who she was talking to? >>ú0 yes, she did pick up the phone in the middle of theú0ú0 question. i don't know who she wasú0 talkg to, but it seemed to be someone in the room because every time she would get on her phone, shield shortly after that give 0 shout out to someone in the room, whether itú0 be a judge ov an administrator from houston independent school district. >> did she apologize?ú0ú0 >> no.ú0 she didn't apologize. lo afterwards i talked to herú00 and i think she was keeping the0 town hall open to people whorú0 were not her constituentsú0ug because gene green didn't do the same. >> did you actuallyú0 get your question asked and answered of the congresswoman atú0 anytime? >> no, my question was notú0 directly answered. she just basically, you know, made a remarú0k about me having the cancer and that people like me would not be able to afford healthú0 insurance, and that ths
1:34 am
bill, she said, would help them. >> during the time you weresaid asking the question, it's hard to tell from the video, but wer0 people yelling things out? wereú0 they saying things to the or saying things to you? >> they were saying she's not listening to you and they wereú0 wanting her to get off her phone.ú0 telling her that was being rude. >> did she continue to do that after questions?ú0ú0 did she do that to others?ú0ú0 >> yeah, she did do it to two other people that askedú0 questions during the course ofú the town hall. >> did -- i mean, was anybodyú0 unglued by this? it's one thing, i guess,hú0 to do it one time by mistake, apologize and move on, but didú0 the crowd get a little rowdierso because it's not getting nicer the more times you do it.ú0ú0 >> well, it didn't get any rowdier than what you heard there on that video clip. ú0 people did make remarks whenever she would get on the phoneú0ú0ú0
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because they thought that was rude. but she,vi in turn, told one lay that was sitting behind me, a lady behind me told her she was being rude, and she turned to her and said, i am not rude. >> why did youú0 go to this town hall meeting? >> well, i went to ask some questions that i had for theú0ú0 congresswoman. and once i got there and saw he0 presentation, which she wasú0ú0 doing in an effort, she said, tt dispelat the myths about theú0ú0 healthcare bill, i changed my questions to the one you just heard.ú0ú0 >> are you now more inclined to be in favor of it or less inú0ú0 favor of the healthcare bill after going to this town hall meet? >> nothing has changed. i'm not in favor of it. >> why? >> because i believe that no
1:36 am
bureaucracy should be involved 0 in healthcare decisions. that you know, i had decisions toú0 make for my daughter when she had kidney problems over a yeary ago, and i like that decisionú0 being between me and my doctor and not a bureaucracy. >> up next, will congresswoman sheila jackson lee apologize? how does she explain herself? does she regret using the cellphone during that town hall? find out what the congresswoman next. and plus an everyday mother, never politically active in her life, that is until the tea party express rolled into town. lisa goes on the record coming up. i've been growing algae for 35 years.
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>> this is america's news headquarters. the iraqi prime minister promised there will be no delay any scheduled pullout of u.s. troops. they expected a postponement of the january election. he said the 2011 date for a full u.s. pullout is "second and final." astronauts were expecting leftovers when they returned. instead, and they that patches of turkey and freeze dried stuffing.
1:40 am
the feast in orbit was a gift from and an ominous -- and an ominous crew member. -- an anonymous crew member. we now head back to "on the record. record" right here on fox. >> you just heard one side of the story. now you hear the other. the video sent shock waves through the country here in the heart of the town hall-filled summer. congresswoman sheila jackson lee on her cellphone while a cancer survivor asks her a question. >> if your conscious allows you, and just because you think it's good for america, then --. >> seriously. come on. >> congresswoman sheila jackson lee went on the record to defend herself. >> i want to challenge you to give me short, quick answers because you and i don't have
1:41 am
much time. i have lots of question. let me fire away the first one. all i need is a name.a:ú0 who were you talking to? >> oh, and let me correct that. it wasú0 not -- it's not an oba0 hot line. iú0 wasn't talking, i wasú0ú0 listening and trying to hearú0 from a hot line that has been set up to help members getú0ú0 answers to questions that ourú00 constituents are asking.ú0 >> so that's not -- that's not a conversation with -- all right. but was that a conversation wit0 a person? is thatú0 what it was?ú0ú0 or not?ú0ú0 >> no, it's a hot line there. is a human being on the end. don't ask me what the person's name was but they were doing aú0 good job. but we wereú0 engaging in that town hall meeting.ú0 my town hall meetings are withú0 friends and neighbors, fellowú00 americans. we engage. i wasn't make a keynote speech. i was walk being up and down th0 isles. i could listen and hear.ú0ú0 and by the way, i became an immediate good trend of ms. miller and i understand she was on yourú0 show.ú0 i didn't know that was the case0
1:42 am
but we stayed to the very endú00 talk being with her and talking with her children. that's the way i do things. >> you already lost thisú0 challenge of short, quickú0ú0 answers. let me try again. all right.ú0 can you understand, iú0 know yo0 can multeities be, i know you have a million incoming things going onú0 in your life, but ca0 you understand why that seemedú0 profoundly rude, a woman isú0 asking a question, and you are onú0 the phone , whether you th0 it's a legitimate reason or not0 she has a real question and itú0 looks like you are just dissing her.ú0ú0ú0 >> not profoundly rude by i can understand if offense wasú0 tak. it was not meant toú0 be. i hope that tracy will come toú0 my town hall meetings as i make0 my way through the month of august so i can tell her there was noú0 offense. sorry, tracy, we can work threw this and i hope i can convince her to support the fight i'm in. that's the fight i am in, battling how much better this will be for their lives with --0 >> but i understand that but.ú00
1:43 am
>> and no denial forú0ú0 pre-existing disease. that's what iú0 had that day.ú00 >> but here's the problem iú0ú0 have.ú0ú0 you have senator reid who said people who goú0 to town hauls a0 unern and you have you are onú0 theú0 telephone like you don'tú0 care and american people areú0ú0 coming to ask you questions and you look leak you are all dú0ú0 dishing them. >> not aú0 dish in my mouth. and my words, not the words ofú0 anyone you just reported, andú00 this has been an emotional time0 you should have been to the tow0 hall last night when everybodyú0 was shouting just say no.ú0ú0 but sheila jackson lee, i remain steadfast and ready to convince0 them. and the sameú0 thing happened o0 tuesday.ú0 having it during the day so tha0 families like thú0e family that0 are speaking of could come. no, i don't think we dishedú0ú0 them. not whenú0 you say as long as i0 stayed, and stayed late --ú0ú0 >> you always beat me at thisú0 challenge. i can never -- >> and answered every question. we've gotú0 a tough job.
1:44 am
we have people emotionallyú0ú0 charged. let me just say what iú0ú0 understand. i thinkú0 people are fearful tht we are trying to take something fromú0 them. iú0 felt that last night. >> and congresswoman, here's th0 problem. >> here's the problem.ú0ú0 >> and every survivor that stoo0 up, we applauded them. i was notú0 dishing them. i wasú0 getting information. and i don't think that was the case. but let me tellú0 you, you areú0 kind enough to let me come onú00 your show. youú0 had the young lady on you0 show. i did not seú0e it. but if she took any offense,ú0ú0 come to my town hall meeting so i can say sorry to you so you know it was nothing intended. i heard everything you said. i really believe she was fit well for a robust public option. that would make the difference in her life and ú0i would like 0 convince her that that would, the case. >>ú0ú0 and she might have felt - she might haveú0 felt -- she mit have felt better.ú0ú0 congressman, let me take a shot at it.ú0ú0 >> but i wanted to be there.ú0ú0 >> let me explain. because one of the problems is you are notú0 listening and tha0 was sort of the criticism that you weren'tú0 listening, you wee
1:45 am
on the phone.ú0ú0 >> but i disagree with youú0ú0 because i am listening. i am listening. >> here it is. >> i'mú0 listening now. i wasú0 listening before. go ahead. >> you areú0ú0 saying you areú00 calling a hot line.ú0ú0 and the way the american people0 is nobody is bothering the read0 the bill. why do you needú0 to call a hot line? why don'ú0t you come wellú0ú0 prepared? is it because theú0 bill is incomprehensible? is it because theú0 bill hasn't0 been read? are you listening to theú0 peop. you are on the phone and someú00 are insulting.ú0ú0 and that's why people are upset. they feel like you aren't payin0 any attention.ú0ú0 they get boisterous toward you, maybe not toward you but toward0 other members.ú0ú0 that's the problem.ú0ú0 it's like y'all know so much better and they are simplyú0ú0 trying to ask questions. >> i'm glad you asked theú0ú0 wholistic question. no, i did read the bill. no, it is not being rude to try to get place and section and th0 correctú0 language.ú0 iú0 consider myself well-read, t i know that everyone knows it's0
1:46 am
pretty good to go back and getú0 the facts.ú0ú0 now let me just speak for allú0 the other members.ú0ú0 not speaking for them, but just saying this. we are out there. we may have comments about howú0 we are being received or howú0ú0 volatile or nonvolatile, but people are out there.ú0ú0 whether they are republicans or0 whether they are democrats, we areú0 out. we are doingú0 what we are supposed to do.ú0ú0 and we are human. this was an informal town hallú0 meeting as i have done over the0 times that i have served. when it's got --ú0 >> youú0 know what?ú0 i will give you enormous credit. and -- >> and you keep noting it.ú0ú0 and what i will say to you is that film looked kind ofú0ú0 strange. i have not seen it but i had people tell me. >> it lookedú0 bad.ú0 it looked really bad t looked like you didn't care. >> butú0ú0 specifically when shs there, but i was gesturing toú00 the audience. i wasú0 engaged. i was not ignoring her. it would be like i was in the corn we're my back to theú0 audience on aú0 phone. i was not. this is not the case of ignorin0 america. ii am not ignoring you.ú0ú0
1:47 am
but what i will say to the very special lady who i cared about and stayed and talked to, any offensú0e taken, i did not inte0 it. let meú0 apologize to you. come to the town hall meeting again so that we can talk because i truly believe a robus0 public option is just what sheú0 needs.ú0ú0 >> congresswoman, let me say on0 finalú0 word. i have toú0 go.ú0ú0 >> i have to go, but i will say0 one thing, is that i think every member of congress who does hol0 the town hall meetings they are0 appreciated because not all ofú0 you are doing that. you are not all outú0 thereú0ú0 talking. that that's much appreciate the. one tip, and i say she would probably like toú0 have a beer summit with you.ú0 it could smooth over some feathersú0 because that seems to work.ú0 >> can iú0 have some grape juice or soda oregon rank juice? she has three children. i want to make sure they canú0ú0 come as well. >> iú0 think that will work. >> thank you. come on out, tracy. >> up next, an everyday mother,
1:48 am
never politically active, goes to a tea party. you will meet a woman who said she never fell the need to jump in and do anything but now it's different. she goes on the record next. and later rush limbaugh tells you why he thinks tea party hactivistings are getting attacked. and with rush, he's never dull.
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1:51 am
greta: people who go to tea parties have been criticized as right-wing extremists, fanatics, sometimes worse. what is the truth? lisa has never been politically active, but she went to a tea parties. if she is worried about her kids, her country, and her future. she went "on the record" during the second tour of the tea party express. have you ever been to one of
1:52 am
these rallies before? is this your first one? >> this is my first one. i never thought i would be doing something like this. i am an ordinary american citizen. greta: did you have no enthusiasm for politics? >> i am busy, like we all are with our lives. we did not feel the need to jump in and do anything, but now it is different. >> you actually got dressed for it. how did you get dressed? >> that was just in fun. we reducing our grim reaper halloween costumes. we thought it might fit for the tea parties. it is a recession, so we are doing double duty now, making
1:53 am
things stretch further. greta: how has the recession affected you? >> i got a pay cut, 10% pay cut. i did that willingly to help my company survive. i know a lot of other people have had pay cuts. we have to change our budget. we have to cut our budget to accommodate the recession. i think washington needs to do the same thing. greta: what was it like going to the tea parties rally? was it everything that you expected? >> it was. i thought the best and would be able to talk to people who are thinking the same way, that nobody i met was a right-wing terrorist or some of the other names we have been called, astroturf, everybody was very concerned. we see things that we do not like and it is causing a degree of concern and even fear. we have got to reassure each other. greta: it is interesting. you're someone who took a 10%
1:54 am
pay cut. i do not know who a typical protester is, but you are just a working person who is speaking up, i guess, the way i would look at it. >> right. i am an all-american woman. i was raised to respect my government. daughter of an immigrant on one side, daughter of the american revolution on the other side. i have always been so pro- america. i don't criticize my government and i am finding myself doing that more and more as an ordinary american citizen. greta: we have been looking at this path the new express is taking. it has a 19-day journey zigzagging across the country. thank you for joining us. i hope you get that and% and back soon because that is a real difference out of your monthly pay. i hope you get that back. still ahead, your "last call." we turn down the light. rush limbaugh says the tea parties and town of activists are being mischaracterized.
1:55 am
stick around for rush limbaugh.
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>> we've got one last person weighing in on the tea parties and town hall, rush limbaugh. >> do you remember folks, when "last copper "we have one less inspiring new people to the political process, it was a that is what we were told the obama campaign was about. president obama was hailed as a candidate because people who had never cared about politics before were not interested. they wanted to unify the country. they wanted to get along. they were active. it was a sign of a healthy politics. it was wonderful because it was a democrat president doing it. it was double wonderful because he was an african-american candidate doing it.
1:59 am
so many templates in the drive by media in the american left. people were at tea parties because of issues. there were young people there and there were people from all walks of life. walks of life. they are terribly concerned about what they see going on in their country. since it was not anything to do positively with obama, it had to be impugned. the people had to be mischaracterized and criticized and their reputations destroyed and so forth, they're very identity spirit greta: the lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. thank you for watching this special "on the record." don't forget to go to to blog. keep it right here, the fox news channel, the most powerful name in news. good night.


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